La Jolla

La Jolla was reportedly named after the Spanish word meaning “the Jewel”. This small beach community certainly is a jewel, boasting 7 miles of coastline laden with some of the world’s best-known beaches. Located a short 12 miles north of Downtown San Diego, this ocean-side haven has the art, culture, [...]

Del Mar

Del Mar was founded in 1882 by Theodore and Ella Loop, originally inhabitants of a tent city on the beach. Ella named what the Loops called “the most attractive place on the entire coast,” Del Mar after reading a poem called “The Fight on Paseo Del Mar.”   In 1910, [...]

Rancho Sante Fe

In 1989 Rancho Sante Fe gained historical recognition and The Covenant was actually one of the first planned communities in the State of California.  Today in 2013, there are only 4,000 fortunate few that are privileged and honored to call “Rancho Sante Fe” their home.  Of the 4,000 residents there [...]