Del Mar was founded in 1882 by Theodore and Ella Loop, originally inhabitants of a tent city on the beach. Ella named what the Loops called “the most attractive place on the entire coast,” Del Mar after reading a poem called “The Fight on Paseo Del Mar.”


In 1910, with the opening of The Stratford Inn, dignitaries and celebrities from all over the world started to descend on this previously unknown seaside heaven to vacation. And come they did from Hollywood.  Del Mar became a playground for the rich and famous.  In 1958 Del Mar residents incorporated and adopted a council-member form of government which still exists today. The population is 4,500 and the city has two beautiful miles of coastline.


In addition to a quaint small town with tons of antiquity and charm, Del Mar prides itself and world renown reputation of the Horse community and the Del Mar Racetrack. It first opened in 1937 and none other than Bing Crosby was at the helm to greet the guests. By the early 1940’s Del Mar evolved into a summer attraction for the noblesse oblige of California and the world. In fact, the Del Mar Racetrack was then and today is still referred to as “The Saratoga of the West.” That reputation still continues to hold firm with high quality thoroughbred racing continuing from July until October annually.


Besides the equestrian-focus, Del Mar as a community prides itself on independence and excellence. The community has a small-town environment with an active residents’ focus on the future of this award winning school and quality of living town with tightly-knit residents who maintain a sense of pride where they live and work. From the Torrey Pines State Park to the age old charming “Olde Del Mar” area of town to the 15th Street beach, there is beauty everywhere that you go, privacy and beaches that befit the front of a postcard.


The village service/shopping area is centrally located and jam packed with international cuisine, shops of all kinds, activities from the in town local library to hot air ballooning over the area. Everything you might ever think of and more is at your fingertips here—only on a somewhat friendlier and smaller scale. On top of all of that, the town has a worldwide reputation as a refined, cultural spot that attracts all peoples from all over the world—especially those that seek  a stellar lifestyle.  Contact us today to learn more about finding your next home in Del Mar.