In 1989 Rancho Sante Fe gained historical recognition and The Covenant was actually one of the first planned communities in the State of California.  Today in 2013, there are only 4,000 fortunate few that are privileged and honored to call “Rancho Sante Fe” their home.  Of the 4,000 residents there are only 1,500 families.  This is a land of the young, successful entrepreneur and more often than not those that have achieved noteworthy accomplishments and/or enormous gains in their endeavors and chosen fields.  This exclusive area is now known as one of ten wealthiest places to live anywhere in the United States.


Ironically, this newly recognized “land of the rich and famous” began as a development for eucalyptus trees for railroad ties for the Santee Fe railroad. What the originators for this development soon learned was that these trees were found unsuitable for their use and that ended the project. The name Rancho Sante Fe had its derivation specifically from the history of the Sante Fe Railroad.


Privacy is the key ingredient— there are limited street signs, no sidewalks and very few stop signs. The residents in one of the most exclusive sections in town, the core of the village, the Covenant, still today pick up their mail from The Rancho Sante Fe post office in the downtown village area.  Many of the communities are gated and private providing an extra sense of security and serenity.


There are equestrian-clad village goers everywhere and more trails for riding horses than roads. Horse and animal lovers alike abound in huge homes with one to 3+ acres where animals thrive. The village has shopping and all the necessities required for sophisticated country living including world class dining.  There are many local organizations like the Garden Club, the Helen Woodward Animal Center, The Inn at Rancho Sante Fe, and 7 golf courses like the Rancho Sante Fe Golf and Tennis Club.


Everywhere you go in this land of wealth and Tuscan-like splendor there are Eucalyptus trees and flowers. The flora and the fauna create a visual journey through yesteryear when the estate was the center of existence and, “where the story begins.”  Wherever one may go or with whomever one may interface at The Ranch, there is a sense of accomplishment of these residents who appreciate the anonymity and peaceful enjoyment to reside in what many think is one of the most serene, peaceful and prestigious places in the world.  From tuxedos to jeans, farm house barns to mansions, from the horse and jogging trails to the elaborate clubs, that low-pressure, relaxing, “I made it” culture is everywhere to sit back and enjoy.  Contact us today to learn more about finding your next home in Rancho Sante Fe.